Inspirational Saturday

Well its not yet, at the moment it is housework Saturday, but hopefully by mid afternoon the house looks less like we have been burgled by exceptionally untidy burglars and more like home.

I slept really well last night and started the morning full of beans, so laundry is 66% of the way there (yes, only three loads since Jamal isn't here at the moment).
Kitchen is wiped, scrubbed and tidied within an inch of its existence
Sitting room vacuumed and dusted.
Dry clothing away.
All moving around of bank stuff is done (thats always first thing Saturday as it involves sitting at desk wielding nothing heavier than a mouse).
I have booked Faheds laptop in for mending
I am looking for the cheapest way to send money to the family in Jordan, to pass to family n Syria. Some of the more normal ways seem to have evaporated since the troubles and last months payment was eaten up 25% in charges.

Then I will take some ebay photos. Loads of clothes still to go.

Then it will be inspirational Saturday. I have a nice pad and some pens, and some idea, never run out of those. I have some books to read,'Getting Stuff Done' or something similar, 'Overcoming underearning' and another one that escapes me at present. Plus a few websites to visit and e-course to consider and save up for. Any some writing in word document form that i want to spend some time with. And if I get bored after all that then I will play with my spreadsheets.


  1. haha play with your spreadsheets, love it. have sent you an email to ponder. I loved overcoming underearning. I re read it quite a lot. keeps me on track....kind of. am always slipping!! like decluttering its a job that is never done!

  2. I should read 'Overcoming Underearning'. Or maybe I shouldn't. I seem to be better at being frugal rather than finding more income soruces.

  3. I love spreadsheets ( I wanted to do a little heart then but thought it might be a step too far! I am already reading ti, thanks Moyra.

    How about a combination of both? Your property empire can grow and grow. Daizyville!


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