Progress, progress

My son has wangled sponsorship to a course he needs to attend in October. £600 saved. All smiles here.

I have moved my dd's for mortgage, sky etc to a cash back current account. Not a huge benefit but according to the calculator it is £400 a year, so worth the effort I think.

And maybe something completely new to try. I had lunch with three other people from my work today. We all were a very high achieving team back in the late nineties. Now one of us is leaving the organisation completely, very sad but he was head hunted and it is over £20k. You have to think about this when the kids are young I guess. We are thinking maybe a little consultancy work might be in our future. too early to say for sure but we do have a lot of knowledge. Maybe we do something. Would be fun.

And my baby is loving uni. This weekend they are going sailing for the weekend. Son, I am happy for him, honest.