Low spend/No spend September

Not forgotten in the mortgage excitement and i think doing rather well.
11 days remain of my month and I still have enough money left for fuel and food without craving in and using other cash.

I have a bad feeling that overpaying mortgage might make me always be looking forward to payday so that i can knock a bit more of the total so i have shall have to be careful about that.

I watched episode 2 of 'Jamie does skint' tonight and it was actually really good. If you have ten pounds to feed two people for a week then its not useful to you. If you already know about Approved Foods, the six cheap veggies at idl and so on then you are probably ahead of Jamie but for wasters and people who eat a lot of takeaway then i think it is useful. I got a few usable ideas out of it.

A box in the fridge to put all the old bits of cheese, chopped or grated, to use on cooking
Mixed pork and beef mince made a lovely looking meatloaf and was served with spog. Nummy
Pork buns. Will I make them, unlikely but they did look good.
Rice made from cauliflower. Great for carbless meals and for when Fahed tummy is not happy
Veggie curry made with sweet potatoes. I already know this is good but I forgot. Outside of cauli etc also went it.I must remember to make this more, maybe a weekly use up the veggies dish.

I want to buy (only a want, not a need) a vacuum sealer for improving my dodgy ability to freeze food. Obviously i can freeze it but it often doesn't look very appetising when I defrost again. Maybe when i have some ebay profits i can think about this.

We progress, a little but its all progress.