Upping my income

My salary is set and every April we get a salary review, not always up but they do review it. The old fella works freelance so he can change his income if he is lucky. Sometimes he is lucky but sometimes not so much. Anyway he is doing as many lessons as he can. I am obviously not eligible for overtime but have submitted a request to sell some holiday back tot he company. I also do okay with my mileage and expenses. My car fuel costs are about half of the cost that I get back. I don't have another way to increase that particular lot of income.

I am trying to think of other ways to get some extra cash in.

So far, coach trip to London. Works out cheaper for my friends & colleagues and I make a few quid too.
Maybe a Christmas craft fair stall somewhere. Best friend and I are on that case.
What next?


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Could you bake and take to work for sale?

  2. Someday I want to do a booth at a craft fair. I should come over and join you!

  3. Hi Cathy
    We do this a lot at work but always for charity, we makes loads of money. Not sure me as the charity would be as popular though.

    Hi Daizy
    Come om over, we have room for you!



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