No Spend/Low Spend September Day 7 and Saturday to do

I bought £30 of fuel but will need more next week as I have an 80 mile round trip to court for some work thing mid week..

I had a takeaway purchased for me :)

Today i am going to buy a little shopping but really little:
Check out the condemned food counter for meat
Wraps & a loaf

Still have plenty of veg and my lovely dad is giving me daily bundles of tomatoes. Lovely lady at work gave me courgettes. My tree has cooking apples (finally get to give something to my mum).

Otherwise I have some cleaning and sorting to do (cleaned all the mirrors and the bathroom already, not even 08:30 yet, get me!!). You know, just vacuum right through, wipe work tops, clear tables in the sitting room, noting exciting but it looks better once it is done.

A couple of bags to go to the charity shop when I go out to do my shopping.

I might go visit my friend this pm to do some photos for selling on ebay. It does make money, so should be done, but such a faf.

Tonight we are going to a gig. My sons band is support for a couple of biggish bands which are touring. Anyone familiar with The Afterparty? I think I have heard them on the radio. No cost to this as gig tickets were purchased some time ago and my son can buy me a drink!

Oh, nearly forgot, have a few pants from my mum to pot up, if it stops raining for long enough. I wont moan about English weather as have actually missed the rain.


  1. Is your mother really growing "pants". LOL, Enjoy your night out.


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