Wednesday, 4 September 2013

No spend/Low Spend September - Day 4

Day 4

Porridge from the larder ( i have enough for maybe 2 more days)

Tinned Soup for me
Tinned Soup and Jacket Potatoes for Fahed
Ahdels has tonsillitis - too ill to eat but managed some noodle soup so that he could take pain killers

A couple of chicken legs for me. It wasn't supposed to be my dinner but since I haven;t been hungry since then there seemed no point in eating more.
Fahed has another tin of soup, top with some chopped jalapenos for a change
Ahdel is currently cooking a few sausages for his supper (midnight snack?). I am guessing that they are served with jacket potato and beans but maybe not.

Deodorant (for the benefit of my co-workers) :)
Birthday present for my niece
Minimal damage but tomorrow I have to buy fuel.


Nothing in particular but I did have a nice slice of birthday cake for my niece's birthday.

It is quite mazing how little we can manage on without Jamal at home. I feel kind of guilty for thinking it though and I miss my baby lots and lots.

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