Very productive home day

  • Picked approx 10kg cooking apples from my tree. Will be sharing with mum & sis obviously.
  • Sorted out front garden with assistance from old chap and eldest son. Looks amazingly tidy and much bigger. Ah whoops. Mustn't let it get too neglected again.
  • Made jam - Approx 4 kilo of mulled wine plum - which is mostly plum, some random blackberries and spiced up with cinnamon and allspice in the style of mulled wine. Smells amazing.
  • Dinner is on the stove - minced beef (which I think is just called hamburger on the US), onions, celery, potatoes and red cabbage. Normally I make it with green cabbage but I had red which I hadn't used so in it went.
  • Freecycled 3 old bikes in need of TLC - being picked up at seven tonight
  • Freecycled broken tumble dryer - going at seven with same people.
  • Small shopping list for tomorrow to ensure I use my £4 off voucher from Sainsbury
  • I have been trying to pick up some reasonable priced demijohns from ebay to make some wine but they go up in price too much. Just spotted my neighbour has glass flagons (is that the right word?) in his glass recycling box so I am going to attempt to scrounge them from him instead..
  • Installed my printer on the PC upstairs
  • Wrote a letter to the council asking if we need planning consent to build front porch and bike store. Failed to print and send the letter though as printer, despite being beautifully installed by moi, isn't working as the ink is ancient and seems to have turned to dust.
Pretty darn good I would say. And i think the glass in my foot has finally been completely removed so big smiley happy day for me.