Tuesday, 1 October 2013

STOP-tober:The Money Diet

I am in there! Joining Mortgage Free in Three by being more than careful between now and 23rd October (my months run 24 to 23 - I am weird but this suits me)

I am budgeting £150 for food & a further £150 for petrol/diesel. I have another £300 available in the budget but it is my intention not to spend the little fellas if I can avoid it.

This week I am on hols at home. Normally that would involve expenditure but I am keeping my hand closed as best I can.

Yesterday was a lovely productive day and I am trying to ensure that today is the same. I freecycled three bikes and a tumble dryer and they were picked up by their happy new owner last night.

Today I have offered a beige sofa on freecycle and have three interested parties. Hopefully one of them wants it. This gives me a chance to make some changes in our room set up.

I have a £4 off £20 voucher for Sainbury. I am investing a red cabbage, 2 bags of shallots, large bag of sugar, 2 jars of pickling vinegar (special offer) and 4 packets of lamb mince (very special offer).

I plan on making pickled shallots and pickled cabbage, more plum jam as twp pounds of plums remaining, four lamb meatloaves for the freezer. I am following a recipe from 'The Takeaway Secret' for homemade lamb donner.

Ho w long before I get bored of being at home. So far no sign of that.


  1. Good luck with it - the lamb donner is lovely so I hope you enjoy them

    1. Thank you. I haven't bought the lamb yet, my desire to not spend is fighting with my desire to stock the freezer :)


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