Saturday, 19 October 2013

Getting more 'Old Style'

I have been cooking, cooking, cooking,

I made this 10 second mayonnaise from MFi3. I then added a bunch of fresh parsley to make it even more amazing

Then I made Jamies Flatbreads which was an astounding success (only two left) and gave me an opportunity to test the smoke alarm (yay, it works, especially when you forget to put the extractor fan on)

Main meal was a big roasting tin with potatoes, leftover on the edge mushrooms and tomatoes, parsnips and beetroot from this mornings market. All chops up, sprinkled with salt and cumin and some olive oil. Top up with a cm of chicken stock. Yum, some more.

One more plan for the afternoon or tomorrow. Scots tablet. Basically so bad for you that it will kill you outright but nonetheless deliciously amazing,

Tonight I am out to a gig with the kids, will be fun.

Still get used to new tablets, just want to sleep all of the time


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