Yesterday I had a meeting in London. Left to get the train at 7am and got back at 7pm. If there is ever a day when a takeaway would be acceptable, eh?

But I didn't fall from grace

Bacon & Potato fry up

20% of pack of bacon off cuts from the pound shop = 20p
Half tin of value potatoes = 28p
Mushrooms (saved from the compost) = 20p
Stir fry all of the above until it looks yummily ready and then stir in

A tablespoon of Philadelphia = 10p
Dinner for two for 78p

With the benefit of hindsight I should have chopped a small onion and fried it in as well

Today I have less excuse but still tired (adapting to new medication for the arthritis in my spine) so going hungry seriously crossed my mind but my adorable, mostly, husband had cooked ready for us to eat together when he got home this evening.

Rice cooked Arabic style ( I will ask Fahed for details at some point) but i noticed it is sprinkled with lovely friend onion bits.
Some of the meat balls we prepared and froze when I was on holiday. Cooked in a sauce of tinned tomatoes and onions spiced with coriander (spice not herb).
I didnt know the quantities for pricing up but I bet it was less than £4 to feed three adults.


  1. Mmm...bacon. I went grocery shopping after work and looked at McDonald's across the parking lot. 6 months ago, I would have picked up a junk food dinner. Luckily, I'm out of that habit and I wasn't tempted.

  2. We will grow rich together.............very, very slowly! It is wasteful though, especially as there are normally a few people here.


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