Sunday, 13 October 2013

How do you like them apples?

I had a baking day, got through maybe slightly less than half of the apples from my tree.

Apple crumble for today
2 x apple crumble for the freezer 9ready for when baby comes home from uni)
Apple Cake

House smells amazingly delicious

Apple Crumble
8 parts flour
6 parts butter
6 parts sugar
Cooking apples - peeled and chopped

Blitz dry ingredients in the food processor on and off for a minute or so until resembling breadcrumbs
Peel and chop cooking apples and put a layer in the bottom of an oven dish.
Sprinkle with sugar and cinnnmon or mixed spice
Sprinkle on a good thick layer of crumble
Cook in a medium hot oven until looking pleasantly brown and just plain yum . 40 minutes
Be sure to fill the oven up!
Those red bits are from a big pan of leftover fruit which I am stewing for another couple of crumbles. Apple, plum and some blueberries.

Apple Cake
Weigh eggs - I used 4 small ones (try it - i promise perfect cake each time)
Same weight each of:
Self raising flour

Blitz up together or beat with a wooden sppon if you are feeling energetic
Stir in as many pieces of  prepared apple as you fancy
Cook in same oven, same amount of time. Test with a knife but be sure that the knife is in the cake not just in the apple when you are looking for a dry knife.
Beautiful in a rather rustic way!
I didn't cook the two for the freezer as I find they freeze better when raw.

I did my stroganoff pies in the same oven at the same time too, try to be energy sensible with my ridiculously inefficient oven


  1. Mmm...I love apple anything. You are making me want to cook but it is still too hot here for me to think of turning on the oven. Those apple cakes and crumbles look delicious.


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