My mortgage plans - Month 1

So I moved the DD for the mortgage to my 'cashback account' with a certain Spanish Bank. I also moved the date as far forward as they would allow because the current account also pays interest (yes, i know it pays less than I pay but if I pay the gap at the beginning then I think it works out straight).

Today the nice lady from the Spanish bank phoned up to tell me I was in mortgage arrears and she was charging me £40!


Fortunately I have the letter from them confirming the DD dates and amounts. Big fat fail on their part and not my part.

She went from shirty and superior to 'oops, silly me' in about 2 minutes.

I am very pleased I was so aware of my finances that I would put my hand on my heart if need be and not e frightened that it was really my fault, and more importantly not be charged an extra £40!!

Understanding and being in control of finances is a great gift.


  1. Good for you Lizzie - bet she wondered what hit her lol

  2. That is a big fine! I'm glad you were able to point out their error. It is too bad that every little thing needs to be watched.

  3. I can say, this is a situation that everyone must be aware of. Good thing you’re very hands-on with your finances. You’re aware of everything you paid and owe, which is very important to avoid miscalculations or finding out you are being charged falsely. I just hope it will not happen to you again. #Drew_Andrews @

  4. This is why it really pays to be vigilant with your financial records. Good thing you kept that letter. Otherwise you might have had a hard time explaining to the lady. Worse, you might have been forced to pay 40 pounds. That's a lot of money!

    Dave Owens @


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