TV Adverts

I am home alone tonight.
I am watching TV. All the lovely cookery and gardening shows that no-one ever wants to watch normally.
In fact I am half way through an episode of Hairy Bikers:Mum Knows Best. Today though, the odd thing I am seeing the adverts between the programmes. Normally I watch only what is prerecorded and we fast forward through the ads.

Well what a load of old tripe. Now I know for sure that I am forever cured from any desire to shop for sport. Every thing they show makes me 'hurumph' about the cost, the waste, the unnecessary expense. i am a right old killjoy but I would rather have fewer & better possession than loads of old rubbish, any day. Second hand is fine with me but I dont want clothes that last for three wears

Okay, had my rant Feeling fine now :)


  1. How do you feel about Life Insurance or funeral Insurance - they seem to be the main daytime ones down here.
    Good to see you are trying to find more ways to cut costs and really seem to be making inroads into clearing that mortgage.
    Take care

    1. Oh yes, my mum says afternoon TV is full of all of the cheerful adverts. How to pay for your funeral etc. Great fun!!!

  2. I haven't watched regular TV in so long, commercials are strange to me. The only thing I see now are movie previews at the beginning of DVD's. I usually recycle all the advertisements that come in the mail. Just useless stuff.

    1. True. I try to remember that it gives work to people but I feel I have reached a stage of enlightenment or something and now these things are all just pointless. Okay, that might be a be over the top!!


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