I have been faffing about with HTML (about which i know approximately nothing) for hours in an attempt to create an inspirational chart to keep us on track with mortgage repayments. Its not brilliant and I cant work out how to post it as a sidebar anyway. Maybe it is a start. The blue and purple need to be paid, the rest is effectively equity. I have left the Syria stuff out completely as I am sure it is worth nothing, I owe nothing on it and I think it wont be worth anything in future.


  1. Hi Lizzie; How are things going your way? We have been seeing scary looking videos of the mega storm. Did you end up fixing the boiler after all?

  2. Hi MW
    We were very lucky in the storm, all around us trees and fences are down but nothing worse. It only happens every twenty years or something so we don't know how to deal with it properly.
    Oh yes, you have reminded me, I must get on with my boiler repairs!!


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