Friday, 4 October 2013

Stoptober:Money Diet - Day 4

This weeks shopping came to £48. Budget was £50. Fuel budget was £50 but one tank is still full (yep, still at the mechanics) and the other still has 350 available miles, and is about 3/4 full..

I haven't been to the shop except to buy that actual shopping. My basket of shop did include a massive, and massively expensive, piece of lamb, which I have hidden away in the deepest reaches of the freezer. It was discounted by £4 and I bought it for my sons welcome home from uni dinner in December. It is his favourite, it was discounted and I absorbed the cost into my normal weekly shopping, which I think we can agree ticks all of the boxes.

And in other news. We have two racks of DVD's in the sitting room. They are neat enough but make the place look a bit messy so I was thinking of fitting doors to the book shelves which they are on. I also decided yesterday to advertise two large but narrow doors that we bought for 99p but found unsuitable for our project,, as they were actually wardrobe doors and looked weird from one side. I have just realized that
they could be cut, stripped and re-framed to fit the shelves. I broke this happy news to the old fella. he looked distinctly under-whelmed.

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