Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stupid Tax

So starting the day a little cross with myself for being such a doughnut but I guess that at least I noticed it now.

I am paying £25.12 repayment option on my credit card. This apparently means cover if I lose my job. Just on the phone to them now to get rid of it and of course that takes a goodly time (@ 7p per minute). Grrr at me for being such a bozo.

I wonder how many other things I think I am slick on and I am actually still a financial dope.

So, I have a 'to do' list:
Ginger beer
Finish pickling onions
Make bread (special request from son)
Cut grass, last cut before winter (not me, I am supervising from the kitchen).  
Wooden feet on kitchen cupboard & a few other little carpentry type things (again, supervising)
Sort out apple crop.
Dry washing outside
Colour Hair - looking too much like a badger to go outside
Pick up car from the mechanic - nothing saves fuel usage like not be able to drive your car
Bike ride - if not raining

Oh, and Fahed came third at poker last night. So yaay.

Fahed is being really good actually since we decided to sort out the mortgage. He fished a ten pounds voucher out of the bin last night at 1am, still awake from excitement of poker - we are not normally up at 1am, when he realised he will visit that place on the last day it is valid And, much to my amusement, when I was making his coffee yesterday he noticed I put in one too many sweeteners. He fished it out from the instant coffee granules and tried to put it back into the sweeteners container. Once upon a time he would have just thrown out the coffee granules and started over. Old dogs can do new tricks, especially when they sniff at financial freedom. Why do we have to be a half century old before we get this much common sense?

Anyone out there who still has credit cards? Make sure you are not paying stupid tax just because you don't read your statements properly.


  1. I use my credit card all the time but pay it off monthly and I'm always checking the bill. The bank did sign me up for some sort of overdraft or unemployment protection once. When I called to activate my card I couldn't understand the person on the other end because of their Indian accent so I just said 'yes' to all their questions. Later I got a letter welcoming me to the service and I had to call and cancel. I heard that there is a lawsuit against Chase bank for automatically signing people up for services.

  2. I think I did something similar. I dont get a paper statement and the first page of mine details spend, charges and payments. It is only when you dig deeper that the charges is broken down to interest and this random cover. Still,, its all my own fault No doubt about that


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