Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The superfrooogals

Time to do a bit more blog reading this week (love it)

In between the scrubby, pruning and jammin' I have been reading:

Mortgagefreeinthree is new to me but very readable. And talk about squeeze a penny until it squawks. I am reading older posts for inspiration.

My other favourtite of the 'Superfroogalers' is Frugal Queen.She certainly seems to practice whats she preaches and looks very well on it too. Froogs once gave me an online roasting (quite rightly) for frittering away some holiday savings which had been leftover. I haven't been so daft with my cash since then proving that even the daftest of us can be taught.

Obviously I have loads of other favourite blogs, hence the side bar, but I thought I would mention these too as I have been following them with even more enthusiasm than usual since we joined the Mortgage Free Wannabes.

This morning, more jam. All the fruit which was stashed in the freezer is used up.
Later today someone collects the sofa (why does freecycling feel so good? knowing something is not wasted is amazing).
I finish pickling my red cabbage - currently salted and giving up its fluids.
I start pickling my onions - an afternoon of tears ahead.
I look at chutney and piccalilli recipes but not sure if i am pushing my luck with creating yummy stuff as I venture into the unknown.
Tonight I am popping to see my sister, to share my apples and jam amongst other things. Also thinking I might bring up the idea of homemade Christmas present too :)


  1. Hi I'm letting you know that sadly my blog has disappeared and a horrid company wants to charge me money to even access what I wrote. I'm a long time follower (and lover) of your blog, and I'd love you to come and follw me at my new address: Also if you wouldn't mind telling other lovely bloggers, as I have lost access to my 400+ followers and have no way of letting them know. Thank you xxx FM

  2. Oh no, I thought you had just gone quiet. Will blog it out there today xx


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