Well here's a thing

Back to work last Monday, now it is Thursday night. You know why it passes in a flash? I think it is because I actually love my job. Not fashionable to admit it but I do. I don't want to do it forever (as with most things) but it is great fun and I do love it. So how lucky am I?

The job itself is enjoyable and I really like the organisation. Today we had a lunch time event where anyone who had a good idea, good for the business or our residents, could come along and give their idea(s), claim a free sticky bun and generally join in with running the business. This would have meant missing our singing class but we had the class in the corner of the breakout area so that people could see a previous 'good idea' in action. Was really nice how everyone stopped their discussions to applaud us at change of song.

Oh and I missed out on an Indian head massage yesterday because I had a meeting. Monday we had curry for lunch, made by my staff, raising money for Epilepsy UK. Made £500 by the way.

This is the curry lunch :)

And on top of that I had great fun mucking around starting idea conversations with some folk for a possible outside of work project.

And one of my bright ideas was to help finance (with a grant or loan) staff who want to work towards a degree outside of their normal vocation. Oh, and all my ideas were amazing wonderful obviously :)

I am so full of bounce with all of the excitement. The phrase dog with tails suits me today!


  1. It is great to have a job that is fun. Your job sounds much more interesting than mine. You get to be a lot more creative.

  2. I do appreciate it. Previously my boss was unhappy in her job and she cast gloom on the whole team but now she have found something which suits her better and we are all smily again


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