Arabian Butterbeans

I made up the name! Just thought it sounded nice!!

So my lovely husband is really embracing the whole super frugal thing (on the whole) and two days this week we had this surprisingly lovely dish. I say surprisingly because I don't actually like butter beans,

1 tin of tomatoes                48p
2 tins of butter beans    2 x 67p = £1.34 or get even cheaper, but plan ahead better than us, by soaking and boiling dried butter beans
1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds (not that weird green stuck, yucky) 10p
3 cloves of garlic, crushed in salt 10p
1 teaspoon of ground cumin 1p
I onion finely chop 6p
A little olive oil (free from my friend with the Olive Farm)

Fry up onions and spices, add chop tomatoes and cook them up for a few minutes until the tomato looks more saucy and less like a tin of toms :)
Add the beans and heat through
Serve with a couple of chucks of home made bread - unless, like me, your bread was a failure and you ended up with a lovely smelling small concrete blob. We had it with rice which is better for us anyway!

Total cost was £2.09 and it served 3 hungry folk for dinner and two of them for the next days dinner too.

I dove in to eating it when I should have photographed it but I will add a photo when he makes it again, hopefully this coming weekend

Now looking for a nice way to eat chick peas

and my full stop has stopped working (sigh)


  1. Most tinned beans get dumped into casseroles so like you I often look for different ways so look forward to the chick pea ideas - do enjoy them cooked in casseroles etc or straight from the tin lol
    Butter Beans I can take at a pinch so might even try this dish sometime.
    Good to hear you find your job interesting and enjoy it and your work mates - I felt the same way but there are some out there that don't.
    Take care

  2. I have been a bean fan before but just starting to remember how lovely they can be.
    i cant imagine having to go every day to a job you dont like. No wonder so people get so unhapppy :(

  3. Every time you mention butterbeans I have to look them up because they sound good but then I realize that they are what I know as lima beans and they are my hated bean from my childhood so I don't think I can get over that.

  4. Ah, i always assumed Lima beans were something more exotic. I know what you mean, hated them my whole life but they are extremely edible like this. You cant taste the powdery mushiness!


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