Mussel Chowder

Inspired by this lovely from Jamie which came up on my Facebook yesterday, I made mussel chowder for dinner

Mussel Chowder
Serves 3 adults or 2 little piglets
All shopping was from Asda

1 pack of pre cooked mussels £1
Onion 5p(?)
Tin of values potatoes 14p (amazing value)
Tin of value sweetcorn 35p
Some milk
Chicken stock cube
Spoonful of low fat 'I cant believe it is supposed to taste like better'
Chicken stock cube
A tablesppon or so of double cream
Salt & Peppar to taste

Chop onion and start to cook off in the spread in a soup pan
Open and drain the potatoes and sweetcorn and add
Warm through and then add milk (1/4 pint or as you feel)
Add stock cube
Now lightly blitz with a hand blender, leave it all nice and chunky
Add mussels and cream and warm through
Season to taste
Serve with a some garlic bread

I forgot to take a photo (big surprise) but it really wasn't hugely different to this one from Jamie

Total Cost £1.70
Cost per person  54p
Time to cook - 5 minutes