Words of wisdom from my mum!

Such a busy week this week as we had management training away from home & last night popped to the pub with colleagues. Today I hope to catch up on my blog reading.

So anyway i was in the town picking up my car at 7.30 (there was wine involved last night, so no cars), did my shopping at the local Asda £44 including a birthday present. Then arrived at my parents house for a pre-trip to the station coffee. They are off to Newcastle today to visit my baby.  They packed a big bag of sandwiches, tea, cold drinks, snacks etc for the journey. Six hours might not be much to some who living in bigger countries but. for us country mice in Britain that is such a long journey. Their tickets a free as my dad was a train driver pre-retirement (just as well as the ticket were £149 each person, each way - oh my goodness gracious).

So on the way to the railway station we stopped at the shop to buy a daily paper. A rare indulgence. My dad hopped out to get the paper and mum beckoned me over and whispered something to me almost conspiratorially, as though it were a terrible secret I should never share with the world. 'You know we always come in here to buy the paper after our swim in the morning. Every morning I see all the young lads (and I guessing lassies) buying sandwiches and crisps. They think nothing of spending £5 or £6 each. Cant they cut sandwiches at home? Fancy throwing away £30 a week for soggy sandwiches. Well indeed, mum, you are right.  Anything in the region of £1600 a year. Darn.


  1. That's what I think when people post pictures of their Starbucks frappa-whatever on Facebook. Can they really afford to be spending that much money on a drink? Maybe I am bias because I never liked coffee and I make better hot chocolate at home.

  2. I know, its mad. We have free coffee, tea and chocolate at work anyway, plus all the usual fruit squashes, so my financial conscience wouldn't allow me to be so indulgent, even if I appreciated the taste


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