This week

Normally I am all about deliberate living, not wasting,  the simple life, not buying into any of those 'buy some essential object to make your life complete' tripe.

This week I dont seem to have done anything remotely useful. Maybe its because everything is set up to just progress normally now.  Tomorrow is the first day of the month to me.

Bank transfers, payment etc are all set up to ensure I don't get any late fines and I maximize my cash back options.
Friday is shopping day, so I haven't been to the shops as  I know longer buy food on other days and fritter away untold £££'s for nothing.
I have 1/3 tank of fuel (amazing) due to my cautious driving and non existent travels..
My utility usage is probably minimal as I haven't found an affordable engineer to fix the boiler yet - never mind we are getting used to wearing thermal undies all the time

Its all good but I need a new hobby if this is all taking care of itself. I need land to develop!! um, or something


  1. I can give you half of my chore list! Do you do roofing?


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