Friday peek in the fridge


I have shopped and re-stocked this pm. I spent £47.

Already in the fridge were miscellaneous vegetables. A cabbage, 2 iceberg lettuce, half a cucumber, onions, potatoes, carrots (lots). They were all front last week and they were all good for the week ahead.

Last Sunday I made a chicken and veggie pie with potato topping which used up all of the suspicious veggies Also a cottage pie, 50% beef mince 50% lentils, carrots and celery. Also a large cauliflower cheese, in which I also incorporated the stalks, stems and leaves of the cauliflower once they were chopped up a bit and boiled. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dishes and they kept us going for a couple of days. By Wednesday we were onto grilled chicken, 1 pack of 6 thighs between us all, served up with the last of everything and some potatoes of my husbands invention. Not sure what was in them but lots of chilli flakes (HOT!!).
Thursday was home made lamb meatloaf, which we are finishing off today.  Everything was yum but importantly it also used up all the bits and pieces which were hanging about.  I find winter so much easier to cater. Everyone eats up their winter veggies so well and dont seem to mind when everything is crammed full of them :)

The whole family have gotten into the non wasting frame of mind.  My husband has saved me 15cm of chilli flavoured olive oil which previously held balls of soft cheese. The challenge is on!!


  1. Chili flavored olive oil if definitely above and beyond my saving capabilities. You are food saving ninjas!


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