What is exciting to us?

I was just reading about Daizy's weekend plans and how excited she is to demolish her garage but really it is not just that its the beginning of doing something out on the land.

I myself was looking forward to the weekend because we are going to have a sort out of the 'entertainment area' in the sitting room. The kids games consuls, DVD player etc. The board games are also stored there, Further excitement, we are going into the attic tomorrow to look for some heavy curtains and some books that I cant remember where they are. In between these thing I will cook, we will do bits of house, visit with friends and family, go for a swim, watch some of our favourite TV programmes. All small pleasure but they all add up to making life pretty lovely.

I wonder if this is the key to happiness? Joy is small things?

My husband must think so as his choice of 50th birthday activity isn't a ride on the Orient Express (as someone at my work did), weekend in Paris (someone else at work), family trip tp London Zoo (me!). No, he can think of nothing better than going to the Asian supermarket and stocking up on some Arabic foods and then cooking for his family in the evening. The only thing better would be if Jamal could also be home but we can Skype with him during the evening.

Life is infinitely more pleasurable once you learn this trick


  1. Yes, it is the small things! Either that or we are just easily amused. :)

  2. Nooo, just proves how interesting we are :)


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