Christmas Shopping

Frost on my car a couple of times this week, that means it is officially time to mention the 'C' word.
And time to think about gifts.

This is my plan.
For my lovely work colleagues I will bake mince pies and biscuits
Overseas friends will get a Greetings email and my love & best wishes
Friends in the UK and who I would hope to see will also be stuck with my baking or homemade sweeties
Then there is my immediate family:
Mum, Dad, Sister & Brother in law, Niece and her husband (nephew in law?) - I am planning some nice Jammies (pyjamas) and maybe a bar of my homemade soap, each. There is a £10 limit per person, which makes it challenging to get something good but we manage and it is fun.
My lovely husband. A couple of little things to make him laugh.
My beautiful boys, who are now well and truly grown up but always my babies will get the most spent on them, because I enjoy it.  They are the least materialistic people you could imagine (my work here is done!) so some new clothes are probably overdue, some sweeties and treats, some books or amazon vouchers and some bits to make them laugh.


  1. Have you figured out how to beam your soap across the pond yet?

  2. ha ha, not quite yet plus i think i need ot work on the recipe a bit more to make it more desirable


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