Saturday, 7 December 2013

De-clutter now or then?

I had a proper old empty out of the house a few years back, joining in all of the de-cluttering projects on various blogs. I re-homed over a thousand items (go me!) but now I am used to it as it is and feel I want to start over again. I get an actual feeling of lightness when I see an empty space where once there, well, something.

So should I start now and postpone Christmas decorating for another week, or start now but only the areas that don't get decorated, like bedrooms and study. Or forget all about it and hang in until when? I could wait until my Christmas break, ten days - whoop!, or until the decorations come down again on 12th Night. Give myself something to do in January.

This morning I am contenting myself with sorting filing and the like in my study. I might just sort through Faheds clothes. Then I could stop, or maybe not.

Who knew the to be or not to be of recycling could be so exciting.

Beautiful kitchen from someone better at de-cluttering than I am

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