No waste but for the wrong reasons


My 'bleugh' of illness spread to husband and son this week. Not much waste simply because I didn't cook much or buy much fresh stuff.

We managed to cook a lovely winter barbecue for my husbands birthday on Monday. Very simple grilled lamb, Arabic bread and a parsley, red onion and sumac salad. Otherwise it has been a week of tinned soups and 'getting by'.

I made a soup of beef, cumin and rice on one day but we couldn't face to eat. I froze it in two containers for work lunches so at this moment I believe it isn't wasted.

Today I shop and refill everything. Plenty of veggies to get us nice and healthy again. Plenty of lemons to have a warm drink with honey.

I am trying to look on the bright side that poorly now equals fit and well for Christmas :)


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