Wasteful Christmas

Tried and failed a number of times to get the Food Waste Friday to work :(

Still keeping up with food waste Friday

No, not here.

I did buy quite a bit more food than usual but we do feed more people so that is reasonable. Today I went food shopping as it is my normal day and there is money in the budget, but instead of buying the usual I invested in a lot of cut price meat which should last us for quite some time.And as far as actual waste? Well the nature of Christmas foods make them even easier not to waste than normal. Fahed is making lentil soap today with the leftover veggies from the cold veggie selection that go with cold meat when we had visitors. There are also some baby new potatoes. What didn't make it? Cucumber batons, totaling maybe 1/4 of a cucumber. Not much but than I like to waste but I don't fancy them in soup and they are too dried up to east fresh.

So not so bad.


  1. The leftovers of the Christmas pot roast are headed for the dog bowl but I saved some for tacos tonight. That way I managed to get my visitors to eat my old corn tortillas too. Saved 2 foods from being wasted!


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