A little time

I finally feel I have a little time to just sit and write, which I love doing anyway.

My work is open until lunchtime on Christmas Eve and the other senior managers were all off but I was happy to be there with my team and I can then take a couple of extra leave days and stay home until 6th January (bliss, housewife mode).

Christ Eve evening is my turn to host so we spent the after noon slicing veggies and not making one of these:-
The gap between intent and activity was never greater but the plates of veggies and cold, home roasted meats did look and taste lovely.

The good thing with hosting Christmas Eve is I can relax after that. My mum cooked the world most amazing and delicious Christmas lunch, roast turkey, goose fat roast potatoes and about 8 different veggies. And then continued to provide food until we cried out for escape at bed time.

Boxing day and onto my sisters house for a fairly new tradition of barbecue in the snow or this year barbecue in torrential rain. It was good fun and only the chef got cold and wet :).

Luckily our Christmas food is mostly veg and meat, not heavy rich pastry stuff, so I well fed but not uncomfortably so. Yesterday we managed a traditional English breakfast, for our lunch, and needed nothing for that day.

Today we are on lentil soup made with any leftovers I can find about the place, I cant say about taste yet but the smell is amazing. Oh and also a great big power cut, which made me go visiting for a few hours.

Also pleased to say not too many gifts this year, just a few little things for the kids. If I could face the shops I would buy myself some trainers and I also want a vacuum sealer for my freezer. I can wait.

Maybe I do my usual Christmas break thing. Each day a different room to be de-cluttered. Also start to plan what we will do differently in 2014. Fahed says he is going to learn to play the saxaphone!!

Feeling very chilled and content,


  1. I actually made a veggie "Christmas tree" this year. It's really easy, takes only about 15 minutes but nobody wants to eat it because it looks pretty, so it's not very practical :)


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