Back to normal

The fridge was awash with veggies, and other bits, just waiting to jump into the bin but I stood in their way.

I have cooked and mashed two swedes. Any left after today will be frozen ready for next time we have an appropriate meal. I think swede freezes well.

There was cauliflower left and some Christmas cheese so that chose itself to be cauliflower cheese. I added some bacon scraps and chopped onion and the cheese has bits of apricot in it so maybe Cauliflower surprise is more accurate.

The sprouts have been peeled and prepared but they don't enjoy advance cooking so I will wait until tomorrow.

Five or six sweet peppers are moments away from the knife. Chopping and freezing them will make them suitable for a quite evening stir fry. They wont be as good but they will be acceptable. Also I tend to think the colour they add is more important that the taste.

Oh and in a moment of domesticity i have also been quietly simmering chicken bones all afternoon to freeze as stock. I feel very virtuous!

Add to that giving my son leftover homemade burgers for his lunch then I feel i am back on to the road to redemption. The spendfest is behind me.


  1. Good job! Show those vegetables who is boss!


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