No Send/Low Spend January

Oh dear, oh dear, I have wandered from the path.

Food shopping stayed quite low, in fact under budget, as we had so much leftover from Christmas that freezer is still almost full. And fuel was pretty good, under budget as we didnt really leave the house much and anyway a small dinghy and paddles would be more useful if we did.

And in my defence I didn;t use credit or money earmarked for anything else and I didnt dip into savings. Does this osund like a big pile of excuses? Yep, it does to me aswell..

So first htere was the TV and surround sound which is really for Fahed's 50th birthday. He wanted to hang on for the January sales and he did make a good saving, £300 on the TV itself, plus I sold the old TV on ebay for £200. So I am just going to focus on the £500 saved not how much was spent!

Then I bought student son a laptop as they are supposed to have one before the sea phase of their training. Again we waited until the sales and saved about £60.

I paid car repairs. Sadly our lovely mechanic doesn't go in for January sales but he is already half the price of the main dealers so its all good really.

Then Fahed decides that we should buy the other son a laptop too His is 7 years old and cant handle very much at all.. I suggested that maybe this is a step too far but as Fahed says, if not for the boys then who is it all for? I have to agree. We are not hard up, just in the habit of spending every penny on renovations or mortgage or you could say, securing the future..

So after all that when I saw this wide mouthed pouch made by Carla (the raccoon one! At least I think it is raccoon, we dont have them here) I just caved straight away.  Lovely Carla is going to make me one,, plus a camera case. Very exciting and I promise not to spend money ever, ever, again.


  1. I think got used to spending when buying Christmas gifts and now I am still buying gifts for myself. Like quail and quail stuff, and home improvement stuff, and landscape stuff. I really need to take a break and do something that doesn't require new stuff.

    I didn't know you didn't have raccoons there. They are cute but destructive!

  2. Well I didnt start buying wildlife but I have definitely been more spendy than usual.

    Foxes, rabbits and mice, not much else :(

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