'Last of the veg box' soup

I have two veggie boxes every two weeks. One 'real' one and one which is a soup box and the veggies are in theory a bit tired. In truth the tired veg look just fine but maybe have one or two dodgy things. The rest is perfect. This week we had a little loaf of bread on top. Thank you 5-a-day-box-folk

Anyways new box arrived and i still had a swede left from last time. I peeled, boiled and mashed it with some butter and black pepper. I would have roasted it if I had read up on swede soup first.

So a little olive oil, half a red pepper from the dodgy veg box, a whole yellow pepper, a tired looking leek, two cloves of garlic. Cook for about 15 minutes with a little salt to draw out the water. Add a dish of butter beans that didn't get eaten up earlier in the week.  Add a kettle of boiling water and 2 chicken stock cubes. Re examine veggies and decide of the heads of broccoli is not long for the world. Peel and chop. Oh and add the swede.

Cook for another 1/2 hour ish and then blitz with hand blender. As it cools stir in a small carton of cream (frozen since it didn't get eaten at Christmas)

Eat warmed in bowl with a couple of slices of the free loaf.. Only snag is we seem to have had the first bowl for brunch. Ah, whoops!