Monday, 27 January 2014

Some times I can be so silly

So January, the financially tightest month of the year for a good % of society. I obviously decided it wasn't quite tight enough so I failed to submit Fahed's time sheets to work in time. He will get his holiday pay for the weeks of holiday he took over Christmas but not for the 10 days after Christmas. We will get about half of what I would normally have expected.

At times like this I really like that we have a fully documented, line by line, budget. I could look at where we can save or cut back, what has to be paid and any other issues.

And so we balance again. And in February, we received a fair bit of extra cash, then I can plug it right into the savings pile.  Once upon a time I would just have had no idea about what we pay out each month and had a massive panic at this point.

I can be silly (forgetting timesheet) but not too silly (making budget).

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