Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Birthday Cake

Its winter here. Coldish and very wet and nasty. So everyone is cooking nice rich warming soups and stews right? Yes, we are weird. Tonight we are having sweet pancakes.

Eldest sons birthday was 23/01. We don't do cards, we do jokes. We do do gifts. We don't do cake, we do pancakes. But not on your actual birthday because that's when you have the highlight of your birthday, steak and chips cooked by Baba (daddy in Arabic).

So today is finally birthday cake day.  Bog standard pancake recipe.  Flour and baking powder, an egg and some milk. Whisked all up together. Oil a pan and away you go, 2 pancakes per person.

Then there is the fudge sauce. Which, lets be honest, is the reason for even having pancakes in the first place.  Cooking up white sugar, butter and golden syrup until it is a lose caramel, then beat in some double cream. Yes, its bad, bad, bad but its maximum 4 times a year and most often only two times each year. In England fudge isn't a chocolatey thing, well except for chocolate fudge :)

Roll on tea time. My sons, aged 24, says he is excited by the prospect of his highly un-nutritious dinner tonight.


  1. I did think chocolate until you said it wasn't. So is it caramel? I usually have maple syrup, strawberries and whipped cream on mine.

  2. It is kind of like caramel but softer and more creamy. Its really yum! Oh, that sounds good too


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