Hate waste = Random Dinners

We have leftovers in the fridge which could go to waste if I am not careful so Monday night dinner:

Me:Leftovers chicken curry with bulgar wheat -from Saturday & Sunday and I can tell you that 3 days of same dinner is enough, even for me.

Fahed - marked down chicken thighs, jacket potatoes and veggies

Ahdel - Tiger tail (lovely chewy baguette thing) with roast topside and salad

Jamal - not hungry

Due to work commitments we don't all eat together on a Monday so it doesn't feel so odd as it might look to to others

My anti waste programming seems to be some of my strongest. If I were filthy rich then this is still how it would be.


  1. Sounds like dinner yesterday :) All four of us had something different but all the leftovers are gone!

  2. I agree. Even if I was filthy rich I would hate to waste food.

  3. We are strangely alike for people who are so different!


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