Sunday, 2 February 2014

Feeling the difference

Do you know I think I have been de-cluttering since 2009. Pretty sure that is when I first heard the term. I did, and still do, keep the place clean and tidy, it isn't like an episode of hoarders here. But now it is finally quick and fairly painless to bring a room back to normal.  I don't need to panic when the doorbell rings! Or at least I don't as long as my kids haven't been in the room for more than an hour!!

When they were little there were many things which I thought were way more important that obsessing about tidiness. And I do actually still stand by that. Kind, thoughtful and honest are way more important. But nonetheless I don't want the place to look like a tip. Money goes to money they say.  Might be true. Mess goes to mess, that is definite.

So anyway i think I may have reached the critical mass point whereby the house is empty enough to keep clean & tidy without spending every waking moment on it (exaggeration). But i have very much got to enjoy the feeling of freedom which comes with casting off more unnecessary stuff.

So right now, whilst everyone is having their weekend lie ins, I am just quiet sneaking down to get a coffee, a rubbish bag and a box, then spending the first hour of my day in my study. And what is odd is that I am strangely excited by possibilities here.

When we are young we have no idea of the little ways that we will get pleasure as we get older!! I can live without skydiving if I have the opportunity to fill a black bag.


  1. Ha! "When we are young we have no idea of the little ways that we will get pleasure as we get older"....such a true statement.

  2. You should come to my house with your black bag. I hope it is a big bag. I think half of my stuff should go in it.


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