House book

I was up and about ridiculously early this morning. I wanted Fahed to drop me n the town to pick up my car. Last night I went to a birthday meal out and decided a couple of glasses of wine would be nice. Which anyway left me back, after grocery shopping and visiting my parents, by 9am. I have a huge day stretching out ahead of me.

And so, the plan.

Laundry, only one more load to do.
Dishwasher, Wash empty & refill.
Vacuum and/or sweep downstairs.
Tidy up and empty.

Cook a lunch of veg curry & garlic pittas

Sloth on sofa with house book for here and for Crete house and have a bit of a brainstorm about what needs to be done. We normally do this in the Christmas break but this year Fahed was ill and it doesnt work unless you really feel like doing it.

Fourth and last: We have free tickets for the Winchester Stargazing event. Go us!