Saturday afternoon

Yes, you know what that means. Finished housework the day (can you see my lovely bathroom sparkling bright from wherever) half an eye on the mens slalom, time for a for random post.

I went to the parts shop for the washing machine brushes and was sent away again as apparently brushes are not machine specific and so i have to take them with me. So I got the boys to disconnect the machine and move it out, so we can remove the back and get at the brushes. Well for a start you cant remove the back as it is a single cube of metal with top and bottom only open. And the brushes are fine (its always the brushes madam) but the belt (never the belt on new machines, madam, that's a myth) is in bits. I have ordered one from Amazon. I had a gift card and couldn't decide what to get, now i don't have to worry.

I also submitted gas and electricity meter readings earlier today. I am fairly happy that we have reduced consumption by about a 1/3 on each. We shall see what happens but I suspect that a lot of it is changing to a modern TV. Youngest son is back from university halls where the lights are movement controlled so seems to have completely forgotten the concept of turning them off, but I am managing to make a difference, little by little. After this he is away for four months at sea so who knows what habits that will bring back. Hopefully he will be super economical with everything.

I notice a  lot of skiers this afternoon falling over and crashing out of the competition. Bearing in mind these guys are the best of the best I feel a lot less bad about failing at stuff from time to time. We really do all do it.


  1. Those gift cards always seem to find a use for themselves. Strange how that happens...


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