The week ahead

The sun has abandoned us once more but I really did appreciate it yesterday. Made me very happy to be shone upon. Not raining yet but grey and gloomy like just before nightfall. I am going to nip out and cut back the plants in the front garden to allow spring to spring through but the back needs to wait until the grass dries out some more.

In other news: A day to make a lentil and vegetable soup for this weeks lunches. Also menu plan with youngest son for healthy affordable dinners for the week.

Also we made a lot of plans which need writing into the house book before we forget. Tuesday is DIY day for husband and eldest son. Youngest helps out if he is here, sometimes just by feeding them, but he should be away again soon. They are also building a guitar for eldest son. They are nominating Fridays for this. They wont get so much time as they teach schools until lunch time and then go to work again at 3.30pm but usually they will get a couple of hours at it. Making stuff makes them happy but luckily for me fixing stuff seems to make them happy too.

I am here on my own for a couple of hours this afternoon. Rather than waste time I am planning that a few more items disappear from my study. I like to have an aim for the day.

So time to crack on. Enjoy your day.