22 years

Jamal was born 19/03/1992. My second surprise package (apparently the female contraceptive tablet wasn't as effective as it might have been) but obviously they are the centre of my world from the moment they arrived.

We were so poor. I had been temping until I was pregnant, instant loss of job! Fahed was made redundant when I was pregnant.  On top of that Fahed needed surgery. I am glad I didn't know then that the surgery would need to carry on for the next two years.

We were on income support and our flat was falling down around us. No car, it took 4 hours to walk to the most affordable supermarket with the big boys push chair. No phone, when Ahdel turned blue and stopped breathing Fahed had to run to the phone box on the corner to call the doctor.

I certainly learnt how to catch from scratch back then. And Fahed learned how to fix everything in the house.

We still do this but times are so much better these days.


  1. Wow Lizzie, those were such difficult times for you and Fahed. As tough as some days might feel now, they are nowhere close to what you had to live through -- No phone for emergencies and 4 hours to walk to supermarket! I'm so proud of you both for working so hard and creating a beautiful life.

  2. Four hours did include the actual shopping time! I dont remember it being especially hard though. My parents were pretty frugal so most it came naturally

  3. That is rough. I can't imagine having to get on that way. That's like pioneer times in the US without the horse and buggy!

  4. Ha ha, it wasnt so bad. Good exercise anyway!


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