Monday, 10 March 2014

Income - March

If i track it then maybe I try harder...........

Ebay -
Full sized life jacket £4.79 plus £8.25 postage.
Junior life Jacket £5.07 (they are going to collect)

Total so far: £9.86

Next step: Photograph surround sound system ready for next free listing event

Amazon -
No sales since my amazing £32 last month for the unloved Lord of the Rings audio book.
But I am counting the return of a £19.99 which was truly dreadful. Refund will be £17.64 I think.
Total £17.64

Found an M&S voucher in my purse which I had forgotten (Counting this out of desperation)
Total £?

Expenses: I submitted a mileage claim for £348 which should be paid on Friday 21st
Total £348

Total so far £9.86 but hopefully more in the ether...........

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