Sunday, 30 March 2014

Changed clocks and a sudden flurry of activity

Mothers day here today, well Mothering Sunday to be accurate. I had a little gift and cute card from home son, a phone call from 7500 miles away from away son. I am happy :)

The sun is shining, I am feeling better, we spent the weekend out in the garden and sorting out the shed. Fahed finally got the hang of de-cluttering and not a moment too soon as his shed is full to bursting point. The emptying spaces in house, shed and garden make us feel very relaxed and creative. I don't know, does empty space de-stress you? Feels like it does.

Also my shopping bill came to £66 yesterday, with no effort from me. I could go down more but this is with eating pretty much what we want, the quality that we want. Three or four years ago I budgeted £100 a week and often went over. This is the new normal and is without effort, and more importantly, without waste either through actual waste or through eating too much.

And I am going to try scuba diving on holiday this year. If I like it then I try for my license back here from the autumn. I tried once before but the wet suit played up with my claustrophobia, so I try without a suit in warmer waters. Also now I am more physically fit. 2 exercise classes each week and this week I also start my yoga class. Also happy to ride my bike to work when it doesn't rain..

Listen to my sons band. They make me happy too!


  1. hey lady! doing Yoga ! awesomeness. I salute you. well done on the £66 a week. we still arent managing that. though it IS getting better now that Hub has given up bread and dieting. he is pretty much eating normally. which is huge. and cheaper than any crazy protein rich diet nonsenseness.

  2. Great song! They are very talented and look like they are having fun. I've never tried yoga. I probably should after pulling a muscle in my back last week. I snorkeled once in a wet suit. I agree, I just wanted to get that clingy thing off me!

    1. Thank you. They have 13000 followers on twitter apparently, which I find astonishing!
      I have pulled a muscle in my firearm but maybe just because I havent done enough exercise rather than too much!
      Wet suits are horrid, finally someone who understands what I am talking about!


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