Raining again

I feel a certain responsibility for our dreadful weather today. I planned a day in my garden sorting out herb pots and other pleasant things. The guy in charge of weather disagreed.

I cooked and cleaned instead (yay!) at least I suppose that does at least mean I am okay for the garden tomorrow if the rain stops.

In the oven is potatoes dauphinoise, chicken & veggies with thyme, green beans cooking with tomatoes, onion and olive oil. Later on I will roast some parsnips and steam some cabbage. I think I don't need to cook again until Tuesday.

Fahed will be home from work mid afternoon and we maybe make plans for when we go to Crete this year, the work on the house, inside and outside.

I also started some new spreadsheets. One is to monitoring extra income, one to monitor utilities, one to monitor our credit rating. I will do a little post later about extra income in March. It wasn't huge but it was okay and it is a spring board to improve each month.

Also I looked at some wall paper for behind my bed in Crete. Cant decide if it is amazing or tacky :)


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