Extra Income March

My savings got stymied again this month. My brother in law is in hospital, in Lebanon, and there is no-one else to pay the bills. We have set aside 1,500. He has invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) which is not good as he has a compromised immune system. Its not something we can take a chance with. But if I wasn't learning to look after my money then we wouldn't have this available for him so I will look at it as proof of progress.

My extra income in March:
Bread machine £13.00
Life jackets x 2 £26.36
Surround sounds speakers (only) £10
Sales of Audio Book LOTR on Amazon £30.41
Postal Survey £10

£89.77 and actually more than I thought

I had a zero budget in for income as i was starting out. I have now put in £95 for April with not the vaguest clue on how to get there!

And in other slightly brighter news, my son is on day 2 of a five week course to up his swimming teaching qualifications which will almost double his money, and therefore be slightly less of a drain on my resources. Happy Days!