Food waste - Deary me!

I somehow ended up with loads of cauliflower recently. I thought that maybe making a big cauliflower cheese with smoked bacon and some red onion slices would be a yummy main meal for all of us, well all of us except the lactose intolerant one. I made it and froze it and today I put it in the oven to finish it off to serve with the leftovers from yesterday.

It was horrid :(  Quite vile in fact. Fahed ate quite a big slice very quickly as he had no lunch or breakfast. He had eaten it before he noticed how awful it was. Oh dear. Such a waste. I dont think I am very good at freezing food.  It was much too 'bacony' but also mushy, the actual cauliflower had lost all of its 'al dente' bite. Next time it stays as a side dish and no 'fancy extras'.  Bleugh!

I have to say though that everything else is eaten up, no waste, just a single chicken thigh remains for tomorrow. That definitely wont be wasted. I have no meal plans for the coming week but my larder, fridge and freezer are all ready for action.


  1. Freezing cauliflower doesn't work - trust me (from experience lol) I forze it fresh not cooked and ended up amking soup from the mushy mess I had after it was defrosted.
    I often wonder how frozen food places manage to get it to stay 'looking proper' and tasting the way it should

  2. I ruined cauliflower recently too. I tried to roast it with potatoes and sweet potatoes in the oven. It shriveled up and there was barely anything left. I guess roasting it is possible but not for the same length of time as potatoes for sure.

  3. Yeah, I froze cauliflower before too - not the best idea :)


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