Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I need a new butt (insert joke here).

My water butt collapsed into the garden, a mangled wreck about two years ago. I wasn't too worried as there was plenty going on in the garden and not much of it was plant related. The plants in the borders seem to live without watering, so I guess they have deep roots. When the pots are planted out though they are far more water and effort intensive.

So I am watching a couple of these guys on eBay.

I can catch the water form the house and shed  I am also thinking of setting up a little irrigation system for my pots. I don't desperately need it but it is practice for a more complex system I will need in Crete if I am to have any plants at all.

Apparently I can also run the Karcher from a butt, should I ever have the urge to clean my hard landscaping (might happen, but unlikely)

So all good in the garden :)


  1. I am glad that you had a picture because I have never heard of a water butt before and I was scared to google it!

  2. I have googled innocent things before and had some nasty shocks so definitely see where you are coming form there


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