Friday - getting a head start on the weekend

I have got into a new routine with my shopping, along with all sorts of other things. Now I order my shopping during the week. ASDA allows you to order your food some days ahead and them amend your order as you remember the things you have missed. So I then book it for collection (free) on my way home from work on a Friday night.

I got home, with my boot full of food. Put it all away, did a load of washing, sorted out t he dishwasher and cooked yummy dinner for everyone.

I have a bunch of stuff to do over the weekend but I feel like I had a pretty good start. In fact I am just about to start on my list for tomorrow.

I got the App that Moyra talked about to keep on top of my new action based habits. So far I have missed anything and it does give you a little shove when you are forgetful. I have gone from no physical activity excepot the odd walk and housework to a weekly diet of:
2 x exercise class,
1 x yoga

Next week I am adding a different exercise class

Also a 50 reps with small dumbbells when i wake up and before bed.

I need to add a load more and up my game generally but it all seems to be helping my back and neck a lot more than the meds from the doctors or the various other quacks who have worked on me (chiropracter could buy a yacht with what I have handed over). I am feeling very positive.


  1. How was yoga class? Is it something that you look forward too or do you have to get motivated to do it? I really should try it one of these days.

  2. So far I dont look forward to it but I am hoping that as my body gets used to the contortions then i do! I joined the class in week 6 or something so i missed the easy lessons :(


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