My little house

I don't think I have ever posted photos of my house. I have some which i took when it was briefly tidy. I guess the kids must have been out.

 Our bed room - note the low slanted ceiling. Very snuggly but a bit tight for space.
 Faheds side of the room.

 Sitting room. Dvd's are in the attic now and it looks slightly more spacious. That's the kids sofa.

 My sofa!

Doorway to the front door. Cage is not there anymore and Fahed has a different sofa but its fairly similar. Oh, and I just looked up to notice those shelves have gone too. Looking back at these photos I realise that my de-cluttering has got a lot further than I thought.

I am considering having a little tidy of the kitchen to take a few more photos.


  1. I feel like I am peeking through the windows. Everything looks so tidy. I bet it looks even neater after the de-cluttering.

  2. No, I feel I probably only took the photos as it was tidy for once :)


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