Friday, 18 April 2014

Rewards Scheme

We have a rewards scheme at work. I haven;t really investigated how it works very well, although I did get some gift cards when we first joined.  This week I had to go to the site to sell some holiday days back tot he company and I stopped to have a proper read.

I get 5% of my weekly shop - Asda or Sainsbury
12% of B&Q, so useful as we are always doing something to hold this old house together for a bit longer.
10% of Matalan and other slightly more expensive clothing retailers.

All of the cards have to be loaded up front and take a couple of days to go through but I should really be able to plan that, surely??

So from this month I am going to load the asda card with my grocery money, the B&Q card with my DIY money etc.

I am expecting a two fold benefit. Firstly and most obviously I get the discount. then I get the control and living within budget.

Baby steps in the right direction

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