Tomorrow will be sunny

I have made up my mind!!

Fahed will be at home until around 2pm so we can spend some time together n the garden. And, shock horror, we are considering an end to Sunday working so we can have some fun days.

We need to plant herbs, some late garlic, fill up the green bins with garden waste, get rid of some rubbish from the shed. Maybe cut the lawn. Its more fun we do it together.

So today I get everything else done and dusted.

And here is a picture of my baby at work, even though it has nothing to do with gardening or weekends!
Jamal is on the left.


  1. I agree! There must be some fun days! How does your son like his chosen career?

  2. And we did have fun! And it was sunny.
    Yes, he seems to be very happy. At the moment he is a Visag in India, next stop (but it might change) South Africa and then back up to Karachi in Pakistan. Jealous Mama!


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